It’s not a matter of IF you should be marketing with video; it’s just a matter of finding the best and most effective way to do it. The combination of visual images, graphics and audio gives video all the advantages when it comes to communicating the benefits of orthodontic treatment. And options for using video are more plentiful than ever with web, social media, television and in-office delivery.

Anyone can show you how to upload a video, but what’s more important is developing a results-oriented video marketing strategy, so you can achieve your business goals by using video in the right way. We combine strategy and branding and then wrap it together with video; video that actually makes a difference to grow your practice.

Of course, everyone knows someone who knows someone who does videos. Right? And while there are less expensive options available, when you hire VisionTrust to create your videos, you get the added benefit of all our consumer marketing expertise – built in. We have refined our approach and you just can’t get the same value anywhere else.



Video production is one of our most popular offerings. In fact, you don’t have to look far to find someone with VisionTrust video, from individual practitioners to the manufacturers and consultants that serve them. Our clients include lots of individual practices and manufacturers like Align Technology, Ormco, SureSmile and many others. Click a category below and then view some examples.

  • Team Features
  • Practice Features
  • Testimonial Shorts
  • Ads
  • More

When it’s time to choose a doctor to provide their treatment, prospective patients want to find out about your team. That’s where our Team Features come in. As you’ll see in these samples, we have a unique way of introducing your team that makes it really hard for patients to choose anyone else.

A VisionTrust Practice Feature is ideal for use in new patient consultations, but many practices choose to incorporate these great videos right into their websites. Either way, there’s really nothing more powerful than connecting prospective patients with real patients who’ve already chosen your practice. And, like all VisionTrust productions, these videos avoid having the doctors toot their own horns.

When it comes to video on the web, it’s important to have lots of bite-sized video content. As a rule, videos that are around a minute or shorter perform really well. That’s why our production packages always include individual “shorts” for use on your website. Powerful stuff.

Whether you’re interested in advertising on television and radio, in theaters, or online, VisionTrust is expert at creating content that makes the phone ring. Here are a few samples of our ads from different client categories. Sample several – you’ll get it.

From patient education videos that are entertaining and fun to stuff that’s way out of the box, you’ll find a lot of engaging content in the following samples. Grab a cup of something yummy and click through. We promise it’s worth your time.