There is no better prospective patient than the one who has been referred by someone they trust. The referred patient arrives already convinced that treatment is a good idea and that you are a trusted provider. That’s why we believe every well-rounded marketing program includes a formalized referral program.

At VisionTrust, we work with your PRC to build both patient and professional referral programs. We can’t build those relationships for you, but we can help you make it easy – and desirable – for people who trust you to refer the people in their circle of influence.



Dental ED offers the top speakers in the industry. GP’s in your area will appreciate that you are making it possible for them to get valuable insights and CE credits without having to miss any production. This creates a platform for you to turn your “C” Referrers into “B’s” and your “B’s” into “A’s”.

Participating in local study clubs has always been a good idea, but doing it well and getting a good return on your investment has been easier said than done – until now. Dental ED is a turn-key referral building program built around local study clubs. The clubs feature speakers that GP’s in your area really want to see with content centered on the latest techniques and technologies available to General Practitioners.


Most specialists have noted a downturn in the number of referrals coming from GP’s in their area. We believe the vast number of new cosmetic and aesthetic treatment options available to the GP have led to the decrease but you can re-energize them with Dental ED.

Dental ED allows you to change the nature of your relationship with them giving you the ability to provide value to them (which gives you regular access to them) so you can build a solid relationship and give your practice more GP mindshare than anyone else. In marketing – owning the top-of-mind position means you win.

Dental ED member practices in North America also receive four members-only meetings per year. Each meeting is led by VisionTrust Communications and is a high-value benefit of the program.

THE 6 : 12 : 48 RULE

While results vary for everyone, those who follow our simple protocol will see measurable results.Here’s how it works:

  • You host 6 meetings per year
  • At each meeting, you set up 2 follow-up meetings with your B and C referrers – or any doctor you believe has the potential to be a good source of referrals.
  • Over the course of the following 12 months you get 1 new referral per quarter from each of those new referrers.

For information on our current list of dates and speakers you can click here to see our 2018 Dental ED schedule.

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