Thank you for considering VisionTrust Communications to provide a custom consultation as your Advantage Benefit. Below is a description of what is included in the consultation. Note: we are always happy to customize the content to focus on your area(s) of deepest interest.

Pay To Play - Play To Win: Online Marketing

Everyone knows word-of-mouth (WOM) advertising generates the highest quality leads. Deliver an awesome experience and patients will flock to your door, right? But since the dawn of advertising, there have been countless stories that demonstrate this singular truth: a well-marketed mediocre product will outperform a better product every time. The best doctors can no more escape this reality than can the doctor whose brand is predictable mediocrity (think McDonald’s). Playing to win means standing out from the crowd so consumers can not only find you among the many choices, but will have a built-in bias to choose you. This consultation will cover up-to-date contemporary ways to grow your practice, including:

  • Online advertising
  • Facebook, Instagram & Google
  • Search engine visibility
  • Creating online content that connects
  • How text interactions are the new consultation