When you just need the phone to ring, there’s no faster way to make that happen than going straight to the consumer with effective, powerful communication. Many specialists have noted a downturn in referrals from generalists in their area as these former referrers provide more specialist services in-house. That means direct-to-consumer marketing and advertising is more important than ever, and it includes everything from direct-mail to search engine marketing to radio and television – and we do it all. VisionTrust is a Google Partner agency and we have numerous programs for all advertising media.

Many specialists confuse advertising with discounting. While it makes sense to offer discounts from time to time, our approach is more holistic. Our campaigns are centered on helping you get top-of-mind-awareness (TOMA) and buildĀ the practice of your dreams. With a VisionTrust advertising campaign you can:

  • make the phone ring
  • push traffic to the web
  • build your brand
  • reach the right people