Team Training

Training that Sticks

The strength of any practice is reflective of the strength of the team. That's why we at Vision Trust believe strongly in providing training programs that take good teams and teach them to be great teams.  It's often assumed that if the team is nice and friendly, it's good customer service. And maybe that is good customer service in some areas, but we know that just being good won't get you where you want to go. Anybody can be nice and friendly, but we work with practices who aren't satisfied with being just anybody.  We work with practices that want to be the practice in their marketplace.  We know what it takes to be that stand-out practice. And we've created programs that teach those skills to create behaviors and systems that make them stick.

Our training programs include:
  • New Patient Enrollment
  • Professional and Patient Referral Generation
  • Customer Service Habits to Thrive By
  • In-House Social Media Execution