Relationship Marketing

Effective Recall & Referral Marketing Programs This one-day session will be divided into two distinct parts: the first designed to help your team convert prospective patients who leave without starting and the second designed to take your professional referral nurture to a whole new level.

Morning Session: Even the most finely tuned new patient process will not convert every patient at the initial appointment. We’ve found that few practices have a systematic approach to nurturing the uncommitted prospect to conversion, and this inconsistent follow-up has inconsistent results. In many cases, these people have the means to start treatment, they’ve already invested their time with you and they still represent an excellent growth potential for your practice. Understanding and taking responsibility for uncommitted follow-up and creating a customized “sales after the consult” program for your practice are the foundation for the first part of this program. Our goal is to help you create a system that will increase sales conversion through:

  • Consistent follow-up with prospects who don’t commit to treatment
  • Understanding how to add value every time they interact
  • Building a set of print pieces they will use in follow-up mailings
  • Creating their own scripts for ongoing sales calls Professional relationships are a key component of your prospective patient acquisition.

Afternoon Session: The second half of this program will focus on building a 12-month calendar of  initiatives designed to increase your professional referrals. So we’ll take a critical look at what you’re currently doing and measure it against the keys that really build referrals, including top-of-mind awareness, understanding the GP referral mindset and genuine relationship building. It’s a critical part of brand management that most practices leave to an opportunistic, rather than strategic, approach. Our goal is to craft a professional referral system with a multi-level approach that will feed your prospective patient funnel. Included will be:

  • Training for your designated "practice rep/community coordinator", designing a system that they can implement
  • A look at what GP’s think about referring their patients
  • A brainstorming session on gifting and relationship building
  • Ideas on encouraging cross-promotion between offices
  • The importance of tracking (including our unique tracking sheets)
  • A plan to help your referred patients communicate positives back to the referrer

A 12-month calendar of marketing for your A, B, and C referrers This six hour/one day program is designed as a roll-up-your-sleeves session where your team will be an important part of the plan development. As a result they will take ownership of the initiative as “their idea” rather than a mandate from management.